Charlotte Geddis LacSeul, Licensed Midwife

The Special Delivery Company Delivering Babies Since 1987

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Midwifery services in Everett, Arlington, Camano Island, Stanwood, Mount Vernon and Greater Seattle area.  Prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care.



Not only was I cared for during my delivery, but Charlotte and her helpers got to know me and supported me and offered wisdom at every prenatal and postnatal appointment.


Women's Care

Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer free pregnancy tests.  Please contact us to make an appointment.

Free Consultation Appointment

We offer a free consultation visit to answer any and all questions you have.

Prenatal Care

At The Special Delivery Co,  we offer full prenatal care. At each visit, we will answer your questions, help you understand all procedures and tests.  We will evaluate you and your baby's physical well being.  In addition, we will be available to you by phone to address any concern that may arise.  We have an excellent group of physicians who will see our clients on a consultation bases, as needed.  


We (Charlotte and her helpers) will support you in every way we can to ensure that you have the birth that you desire. Birth is hard work, but with trustworthy guides by your side, you will find it to be fulfilling and empowering. You can rest assured knowing that your midwife has delivered 2,600 babies in her 25 years of experience helping women have amazing births.

We have a low transfer rate, but in the rare times a hospital transfer is needed, your midwife will transfer with you and stay with you through the delivery of your baby.  Your midwife will be available for questions and guidance as you walk through the choices that you'll need to make.

Postpartum Support

Following the birth of your baby, we will check on you on day 2 at your home and you will have an appointment between 1-2 weeks and also at 6 weeks.  We want to help you transition into motherhood: breastfeeding, physical recovery, and emotional support.   We support the whole family through the adjustment of welcoming their new baby.


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