Charlotte Geddis LacSeul, Licensed Midwife

The Special Delivery Company Delivering Babies Since 1987

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Midwifery services in Everett, Arlington, Camano Island, Stanwood, Mount Vernon and Greater Seattle area.  Prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care.

Charlotte and her team are amazing. We've had two beautiful home births with her and are so blessed and thankful to have had these experiences.  
-Ashley S.


The Special Delivery Company is an AMAZING group of women who have dedicated their hearts and souls to the wonderful gift of life.  When I found out I was expecting (for the first time,) I planned to go to a doctor or hospital for my care and delivery.  I later found out that my health insurance did not provide materinity coverage and that is when I found Charlotte!  

After meeting Charlotte and her team, I felt confident in the decision to have my baby at home and in their care.  I took the recommended classes and came in each month to discuss ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I could come up with.  Their knowledge, experience, strength, and hope made me more confident with my decision!  

My labor was 36 hours with MANY complications!  The Special Delivery Co. was the ONLY reason I was able to make it thru.  All of the women involved stayed by my side the ENTIRE time and did EVERYTHING they could to get me and my family through this.  Their strength and confidence gave me the same strength and confidence.  Mattsen was born on 9/24/12 and was totally perfect!  Looking back, I am VERY happy to have had this expierence and would recommend people review their options prior to making decisions.  There are MANY pros with having a natural childbirth and although it was was well worth it! :) Thanks ladies for ALL that you do! I have and will continue to send people your way!
-Katie M.


The Special Delivery is an amazing group of people that love and care about you through the whole process of your pregnancy. We had the best experience that I could always look back on and say thank you to our Lord Jesus for providing these amazing group of ladies. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
-Kati K.

My husband and I have had 4 beautiful boys with The Special Delivery Co. When you are there with them, they really make you feel like family. They are all so encouraging throughout the entire process. Looking back I dont think I could have had a more beautiful birth experience.
-Aresia M.


This is my third child, and the third baby Charlotte helped deliver with her gentle, nurturing expertise. We're not sure about a number four yet, but if we are so lucky, we want Charlotte, Christine and her team helping us.
-Kimela B.


Charlotte and all the women that work with her are so amazing at what they do. You just can't get better pre-natal care. The midwifery care is absolutely authentic and these women really get to know you as a whole person. They are so kind and loving through the whole pregnancy and during the birth. I had my first child with Charlotte and had the most beautiful experience. I am so blessed to have been referred to her (by a nurse at Providence.) Giving birth to my daughter was the most epic and empowering adventure I have ever experienced and I am so THANKFUL to have been surrounded by these women. There are no shift changes, no new people during the labor or birth. These women are there with you the whole time.  
-Blake & Christina M.

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